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Homelessness is an issue across America and even though Alabama has one of the lowest per capita rates out of all the states it is still present. That being said we also are among the highest rates for working poor, meaning families have trouble providing basic necessities like food. Community assistance is one of the most common and important ways to help these individuals have a better life.

In the Mobile area, Mike Mckinley recognized a need in our area and stepped up to the line by creating the non profit organization of One Meal. He not only provides a meal but feeds the mind and soul through kindness and smiles. Operating out of the parking lot of the St. Louis Street Missionary Baptist Church, Mike and all the volunteers open the doors to a food pantry for low income families and provide meals on average to 150 to 200 people!

Mike Mckinley and One Meal make such a difference in the lives of others though the Mobile area, Hansen Supertechs wanted to recognize them for their efforts. That wasn’t enough for us though! Our staff will be supplying them with manpower, our truck to take the meals where needed, and supplies to keep it going!

If you would like to offer your time or make a donation to One Meal, call Mike at 251-379-9014 to arrange drop off or pick up or visit https://onemealmobile.com/contact