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Your HVAC’s heated or cooled airflow depends on many ducts connected together and resembling a maze. If any of your ductwork has separated or disconnected at the seams, creating leaks or has bent or crumbled, you could experience low airflow at multiple vents. Put simply, your ducts distribute the heated and cooled airflow throughout your building from your central AC unit. If your duct had improper installation, improperly sized, improper insulation, your duct’s insulation is old and deteriorated or your ductwork has become damaged over the years, your ductwork may be the source of your home comfort problems.

It’s not uncommon that many homeowners and business owners think installation of new heating or cooling equipment is what they need when, really, they’re just experiencing faulty ductwork or deteriorated insulation. Our Mobile, AL & Baldwin County, AL HVAC specialists can make this assessment and installation of proper, working duct increases efficiency and your utility bill savings.

The Benefits of Proper Ductwork & Insulation

While your building’s ductwork often goes ignored, your duct really could be the key to finally enjoying the comfortable heating and air conditioning that you’ve been paying for, but haven’t been getting.

In addition to added comfort, installation of new ductwork, replacing or repairing malfunctioning ductwork or replacing ineffective insulation could mean:

  • Longevity of your heating and air conditioning system
  • Increased efficiency, which means decreased utility bills
  • Improved indoor airflow quality
  • Less required maintenance and repairs

Ductwork Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends annual cleaning of your home’s ductwork.

When Hansen technicians arrive at your location for your scheduled ductwork cleaning, we’ve come prepared. First, our certified service technicians seal off any needed areas before they begin cleaning. Then your tech cleans your register and vent covers. He or she is cleaning all of your return ducts using brushes, compressed air-hoses and utilizing vacuum collection technology. Your certified technician will inspect your duct’s insulation and report to you, your insulation age and your insulation deterioration level. Then your AC’s handler’s unit plenum, motor, fan and all your home’s supply ducts are cleaned. Finally your unit is sanitized and the service area cleaned for departure.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Remember, even after installation of your building’s HVAC having your ductwork cleaned eliminates airborne contaminates and pollutants inside your HVAC duct system. Having your ducts professionally cleaned by a Hansen service technician reduces the source of many allergies. Dust collection everywhere in the home or building is greatly reduced. People have reported better breathing, reduced reactions to airborne allergens and a reduction in sinus issues after a professional HVAC ductwork cleaning.

Your heating and AC unit’s efficiency and performance are significantly improved as a direct result of duct cleaning. Less friction and restriction of your airflow equals less power needed and more energy savings in your pocket. Before you decide installation of new heating & cooling equipment is the only answer for What can I do to be more comfortable? Call Hansen today for your cleaning & inspection!