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Cozy Club

Hansen’s Cozy Club represents our passion for building lasting relationships with our customers founded on integrity and an honest desire to save you money. More than a maintenance agreement, your Cozy Club is a membership with the following benefits:

Keeps your family comfortable all year
Keeps your energy bills low
Keeps your AC system running at peak performance

Cozy Club is an ideal way to keep your home’s heating and air conditioning system performing at its very best, and lasting up to twice the normal system life expectancy.

Benefits of Being a Cozy Club Member

Most people know that their vehicle requires regular maintenance. Not everyone understands that their home or office’s AC and heating also need routine service, regular maintenance and upkeep, tune ups and inspections for its best, most reliable and energy efficient performance. AC tune-ups help your equipment run at or near original factory specifications. Preventative services are required by most AC and heater manufacturer’s in order for your air conditioning’s warranty to remain valid. When heating and cooling equipment run efficiently, your air conditioning doesn’t run as long, nor work as hard to cool or heat your dwelling. When your unit doesn’t have to run as long and works easier, your HVAC equipment lasts longer. Cozy Club maintenance and service agreement members receive a precision AC tune-up, professional cleaning, and overall rejuvenation of your HVAC system bi-annually.

You’ll get a precision tune-up, professional cleaning, and overall rejuvenation of your AC – PLUS – an annual safety check. We’ll do this in the Spring or early Summer.

You will also get a precision tune-up, professional cleaning, and overall rejuvenation of your furnace – PLUS – an annual safety check. We’ll do this in the Fall or early Winter.

10 Great Reasons to Join Cozy Club:

Annual maintenance can dramatically extend the lifespan of your system. Have the peace of mind knowing that your system is monitored on a regular basis. Cozy Club memberships are designed to keep your home running safely & efficiently.

  1. Front of line service
  2. Energy savings from an efficiently tuned system
  3. Same fee, no matter night or day. No overtime charges
  4. Get more years out of your investment
  5. News, tips, and trends to save energy and create a healthier home
  6. Twice annual “Energy Savings” tune-ups, cleaning, heating and A/C adjustment
  7. Prevent problems before they start
  8. Courtesy reminder for seasonal maintenance
  9. Access to exclusive offers
  10. Fast, Friendly & Affordable

What We Do For You

Thermostat operation verified

Inside coil inspected, cleaned if accessible

Safety switches inspected and checked

Freon levels verified

Electric heat turned on and checked

Outside unit washed, leaves cleaned out

Drain line cleared

Duct work inspected

Outside unit electrical connections checked

Gas furnace checked for proper operation

Join the Cozy Club today!

$80 a year for 2 maintenance calls!

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With service plans from Hansen, we take care of the details. Especially in today’s times our heating and air conditioning are engineered and designed using state of the art cutting edge technologies. Your air conditioning requires service & repair by qualified service techs that have been properly trained and certified. With Hansen, you get that. Along with being properly trained, our tech’s have extensive experience maintaining and repairing all types of heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioning units.

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Services

When you choose Hansen for your HVAC maintenance, our flexible maintenance packages help keep your heating and AC working at peak efficiency during every season. Here are some of the benefits you receive when you choose the Cozy Club:

  • We provide 24/7 emergency service. Our N.A.T.E certified & trained air conditioning service technicians work evenings and weekends.
  • Our AC technicians conduct semiannual tune-ups. Your Hansen expert will perform a 19-step precision tune-up and professional air conditioning cleaning each visit.
  • We always guarantee your 100-percent satisfaction. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind.

No matter what HVAC equipment you own, our AC technicians can provide savings and peace of mind by maintaining and prolonging the life of your air conditioning.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Heating and AC tune-ups are the best investment you can make in your climate control system. Preventive maintenance is important for proper care of every type of HVAC equipment. Every HVAC system manufacturer requires regular air conditioning maintenance for your warranty coverage to remain valid. We recommend an AC maintenance service appointment twice a year to check, inspect, test, calibrate and clean your heat & AC system.

Reasons You Need an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Your heating, ventilation & air conditioning is a substantial investment in your home or business. The comfort of you and your entire family depends on your climate controlling AC’s proper operation, so it makes sense to protect your AC investment with regular maintenance. Give us a call at Hansen today to schedule a seasonal tune-up of your air conditioning and experience the Hansen Difference.