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While our southern winters generally don’t bring snow, ice, and sub zero temperatures to our door steps, we still get cold rain, chilling winds,and the added bite from humidity. Winterizing is an important step during the autumn season ensuring you have comfortable indoor temperatures and manageable utility bills. Here are a few simple suggestions to add to your fall maintenance checklist.

Examine the weather stripping for every door and window and look for gaps, worn away areas, and air leaks. Also, look over frames and glass of your doors and windows for any cracks, chips, rot or any other damage. Remove overhanging tree limbs to reduce the risk of damage to the exterior of your home. Others areas we advise looking for leaking air are your ducts, attic, chimney, and crawl spaces.

Have a thorough inspection done of your heating system by a licensed professional for operation and safety requirements. Replace the air filter allowing proper air flow and reducing the strain on your system. In addition, if you haven’t already done so, consider installing carbon monoxide detectors through you home for an extra layer of protection.

As always, stay safe and wishing you a very happy and comfortable holiday season.