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To our friends and families of Mobile, AL and surrounding areas,
It’s that time of year where once again we keep an eye on the weather channel waiting to hear if a hurricane is headed our way. Living along the southern coast, it’s an inescapable fact that we will at least be touched in some way by these impressive storms. The Hansen Heating and Air family wants you to stay safe and pass on some helpful tips to keep you air conditioner from becoming part of the clean up.
Time Enough
You’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast and now the hurricane is going to make landfall right on top of us. Time is on your side with days before we ever even see the first real winds blowing. Here are some tips from us at Hansen to prepare your air conditioning unit to weather the storm.
Before Landfall
  • Go ahead and blast the AC for a bit before the hurricane arrives. Your home and family will be cooler and more comfortable.
  • Turn it off. Constant power loss and power surges can damage the components in the system. This will lead to costly repairs or even lead to replacing the whole unit.
  • Protect the outside unit with tarp. Doing this can keep branches and other possible debris from getting into it and minimize damage.
  • Use approved hurricane straps for outdoor units to avoid damage from high wind surges.
Gone and Done
  • First inspect your air conditioner for debris in or around the outside unit. Also, check for any obvious points of harm to the guard, fan, hoses, and wiring. Remember, if it doesn’t look normal or right it probably isn’t.
  • Don’t forget about the inside! Look over all the ducts and interior areas to ensure water hasn’t pooled and damage hasn’t occurred to wiring, thermostats, and other indoor areas.
  • Calling in a professional air conditioning repair service to inspect you air conditioner before turning it on is always a safe choice. There could be standing water in hard to see areas  or problem areas with interior parts that only they can find.
Following these simple steps will prevent mold protecting your family’s health and getting your daily life back to normal. As always, follow the recommendations of the National Weather Service and stay safe Alabama!