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Heat Pumps in Orange Beach, AL

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Could heat pump service improve your home’s comfort and your system’s reliability? If you are not getting warm in winters and cool in summers the way you would like, or you are experiencing problems, our heat pump repair experts can set things right. Remember, with a heat pump, most problems affect both heating and cooling of your home in Orange Beach, AL. Heat pump service benefits, including maintenance, pay double because your heating and cooling results are both better. Your heat pump switches from transferring heat out of your home in summer to keep you cool, to bringing heat in to warm you in winter. When your older heat pump is not able to keep up and repairs are increasing, we also offer quick heat pump replacement to keep your mind off your concerns and let you enjoy increased comfort and energy savings.

Swift Heat Pump Repair in Orange Beach

The secret to our heat pump service success is a team of skilled HVAC technicians who arrive promptly at your home in vehicles well-stocked with equipment and parts for most heat pump repairs. They can quickly diagnose your system’s problems and take care of them in a single visit. Whether your system is not meeting the temperature requirements you set with your thermostat, air circulation is minimal or missing, energy costs are rising due to inefficient operation, or you are simply not comfortable at home anymore and suspect your heating and cooling system has issues, our heating pump service professionals can help.

We can check the coils that provide heat transfer and make sure they’re clean, undamaged, and with the proper amount of refrigerant, and their coolant lines are well insulated and without leaks. A check of your vents, ducts, fan motors and belts, and air filter will verify the path that heating and cooling takes to your rooms, and if it looks like time for an upgrade, we can even help with a heat pump replacement.

Do not wait for a breakdown, call us with any heat pump service concerns:

  • A jump in your energy bills
  • Noises or leaks around your indoor or outdoor equipment
  • Struggling to keep up with your thermostat setting
  • Clicking sounds when it tries to start, or shutdown after each short run

As a dual-purpose system, your heat pump services affect both heating and cooling. Our heat pump repair team stocks the parts we need to care for your system, including expansion and reversing valves that provide essential heat pump flexibility, fan belts and motors, coil damage solutions, refrigerant, electrical parts, air filters, and more. When repairs get more complex or expensive, such as compressor wear, you may want to know about heat pump replacement instead of repair. We will help you review the factors involved, from the costs of continuing with your current unit to the savings and benefits from a new one.

Expert Heat Pump Repair Pros

Our Hansen Air Pros HVAC technicians know heat pumps, both older models and recent two-stage compressor types. They are always undergoing mentoring, training, and team building to keep them sharp and ready to provide service for you, whether it is in Orange Beach or Mobile, throughout Baldwin County, and across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We provide local service, and we are staffed with enough technicians to send one to you right away in urgent heat pump repair situations. Our heating system repairs and maintenance are always covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

From Captains Cove, Harbor Ridge, Magnolia Place, and Ono Island to other locations in beautiful Orange Beach, our team is always ready to quickly get to work on your home’s heat pump repairs and heat pump service. We will get your family comfortable!

For Orange Beach winter chill and hot summers, we are here for you with expert heat pump repair and more. Call us now for expert heat pump service!

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