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Heat Pumps in Mobile, AL and the Surrounding Areas

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What is up with your malfunctioning heat pump? If it is not doing the job to keep you warm or cold depending on the season, our heat pump service team can take a look and make sure it is in good shape to serve you now, and for the rest of the year in Mobile, AL. Heat pump repair is a year round activity, since the same equipment serves you by changing the direction in which it pumps heat, out to cool, into warm. When your heat pump tires out and repairs are getting more frequent, we also provide quick heat pump replacement so you will have reliable comfort. In between seasons, our experts can visit for a maintenance heat pump service, with cleaning and preventive care.

Trusted Heat Pump Service in Mobile

We send skilled technicians to provide heat pump service, with vehicles well-stocked with the parts and equipment they need to make short work of most diagnosis and heat pump repair work. Whether your system is not getting you as comfortable as your thermostat says it should, the air is not circulating at all, or it is using a lot of energy but not working as well as it used to, our heat pump repair experts can help. They will check for issues that are limiting its performance, clean coils and other components at the heart of heating and cooling, and make sure refrigerant is sufficient and not leaking.

Your fan motors and belts may be causing trouble, or even a clogged air filter. We will sort it out. If it is time for an upgrade, let us introduce you to the new heat pump replacement models, and explain any features you are interested in that could help you get comfortable with less energy expense.

Don’t wait for a breakdown, call us for these and other heat pump service concerns:

  • A jump in your energy bills
  • Noises or leaks around your indoor or outdoor equipment
  • Struggling to keep up with your thermostat setting
  • Clicking sounds when it tries to start, or shutdown after each short run

One of the advantages of heat pump service is the dual purpose equipment that serves you for both heating and cooling. In most cases, our heat pump repair team can pull the parts from stock in their van and take care of fan motor and belt replacement, coil problems, refrigerant issues, electrical problems, air filter replacement, and other common heat pump service needs. When repairs get more complex, involving components like the compressor, you may find that it is time to think about heat pump replacement. We will help you look at your unit’s condition, repair costs, age, and how it is serving you, and compare with the energy savings and reliable, comfortable operation of a newer unit that will take care of you for a decade or more.

Expert Heat Pump Repair Pros

The technicians from Hansen Air Pros know heat pumps well, and they are ready to respond quickly to help you avoid a cold night or keep you from suffering through heavy summer heat. We provide comfort system repairs and also maintenance, backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Our coverage area includes Mobile, Baldwin County, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with friendly local service from a team that has enough people to also send a top technician quickly when you need us. We provide mentoring, training, and team building to make sure we have got the best heat pump service professionals around.

Whether you live in Park Hill, College Park, Berkleigh, Malibar Heights, or somewhere else in beautiful Mobile, we are always ready to quickly get to work on your heat pump repairs and other needs and get your family comfortable!

For Mobile’s winter chill and summer heat, you rely on your heat pump to keep you comfortable. Call us for expert heat pump service!

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