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Heat Pumps in Gulf Shores, AL

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Are you getting the cooling in summer and warmth in winter that you should from your heat pump? Is it reliable? Our heat pump service team can handle any heat pump repairs or maintenance that your system needs to keep your comfort up and your energy costs down in Gulf Shores, AL. Heat pump repair has benefits year round, since the same unit provides the heating and cooling for your home. When heat pump repairs restore your air conditioning, as winter arrives you will have more reliable heating as well. As your system gets older, our heat pump care team can help you track its performance, repair needs, and other factors and determine the point at which you will benefit from a timely heat pump replacement for reliability and efficiency.

Top-Rated Heat Pump Service in Gulf Shores

What makes our timely heat pump service effective is the single visit service our highly skilled HVAC technicians typically provide. They have top diagnostic skills, along with a vehicle stocked with the equipment and parts they need for most common heat pump repairs. When you set your thermostat but your home never reaches that temperature, your airflow is minimal or nonexistent, or your energy use is rising as your use stays constant, our heat pump repair experts can help. They will check for performance issues like blocked or dirty coils and air flow issues, and verify the refrigerant line insulation, integrity, and contents. Fan motors and belts are common sources of heat pump service visits, along with clogged air filters. In any case, we will sort it out and get you comfortable again. If it looks like it is time for a heat pump replacement, we will provide the information you need about your current system and the advantages of a new one, so you can make an informed choice.

Do not wait for a breakdown, call us if you have heat pump service concerns like these:

  • A jump in your home’s energy usage
  • Noises or leaks around your indoor or outdoor equipment
  • Struggling to keep up with your thermostat setting
  • Clicking sounds when it tries to start, or shutdown after each short run

Heat pumps play two roles, which makes it especially effective to perform heat pump services and keep both your heating and cooling in order. Our heat pump repair team can perform most common heat pump care and maintenance in a single visit, including reversing valves and expansion valves that are at the heart of heat pump technology. If major mechanical heat pump repairs are in order or other heat pump services are required like compressor replacement, we can help you make the repair or replacement decision weighing the advantages of a newer, more efficient and more reliable unit against your existing repair and energy costs. Our heat pump replacement team can help you make the new unit installation quick, efficient, and as affordable as possible.

Trusted Heat Pump Repair Pros

We provide mentoring, training, and team building to ensure that your Hansen Air Pros HVAC technicians are the best in the area. Our experts are ready to serve you throughout the area from Gulf Shores and Mobile to Baldwin County and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, ensuring that you can avoid cold winter nights and hot summer days with quick heat pump service. You can expect friendly, local service from our team, which is large enough to have technicians ready to serve you when you call for emergency service. All our work is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Whether your home is in Craft Farms, Raintree Place, Island Wood, Morgantown, or elsewhere in Gulf Shores, you know where to call for prompt local heat pump repairs!

For Gulf Shores winter chill and summer heat, keep your family comfortable. Call us for expert heat pump service!

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