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Heat Pumps in Foley, AL

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Are you getting the most heating and cooling from your heat pump? Our heat pump service team can take care of any problems you are experiencing with prompt heat pump repairs in Foley, AL. We also do expert maintenance for greater reliability and efficiency. Heat pump repair takes care of both heating and cooling functions of your home’s comfort system, since the equipment is designed to pull heat out of your home in summer, and bring heat in during the winter. With year round service, your heat pump works hard. When it starts to require more frequent repairs or does not meet your family’s comfort needs, we also provide prompt heat pump replacement with a model that suits your needs and budget.

Trusted Heat Pump Service in Foley

When our skilled HVAC technicians arrive at your door as scheduled, they have the parts and equipment with them in the vehicle to perform most heat pump repairs on the spot. Their expert diagnostic skills guide them to the source of the trouble, so they can make sure you will be comfortable after your heat pump repair. Whether your home is not reaching the thermostat setting even when your heat pump works hard, your air is not circulating and bringing you heating or cooling, or your energy usage is higher than it was, our heat pump repair team can help. They will look for performance problems like dirty or iced coils, air circulation equipment problems such as fan motor or belt trouble or vent issues, even a clogged air filter. If you would be better off with a heat pump replacement for your older unit, we will show you the latest models and explain their benefits.

Call our heat pump repair team for these and other heat pump service concerns:

  • A jump in your energy bills
  • Noises or leaks around your indoor or outdoor equipment
  • Struggling to keep up with your thermostat setting
  • Clicking sounds when it tries to start, or shutdown after each short run

It is simpler to perform heat pump service than combined heating and cooling system care, because the same unit handles your summer cooling and winter heating. It uses air conditioner technology to transport heat in one direction or the other, as needed. That means our heat pump repair technicians can carry a full stock of parts and equipment for most services, for quick, convenient heat pump service including fan motors and belts, air filters, electrical parts, coil service parts, refrigerant, and other common heat pump repair parts. When repairs become more frequent and more major, you may find that it is time to find out what it takes to get a heat pump replacement. We will go over the latest models with you, and show how energy and repair savings can make the upgrade a more affordable one.

Expert Heat Pump Repair Pros

Our Hansen Air Pros heat pump service technicians know their subject, including the latest two-stage compressor technology. They are ready to get to your home quickly and make sure your family is comfortable during cold winter nights or hot summer days. Our heat pump repairs and maintenance are covered by our satisfaction guarantee, available to our customers throughout the Mobile, Baldwin County, and Mississippi Gulf Coast area as well as Foley. We are local enough to serve you well, and big enough to always have someone ready when you need quick service. We have the best heat pump service pros in the area because we provide ongoing mentoring, training, and team building to keep them ready to serve you.

Whether you live in Aaronville Pines, Gulfwood Highlands, Abbey Ridge, Juniper Place, or elsewhere in beautiful Foley, we have people ready to work on your heat pump repairs and get your family comfortable!

For great indoor comfort in Foley, call us for expert heat pump service!

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