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Ever Wonder Why Your Home Gets Dusty So Fast?

You dust and dust and dust...but the dust keeps coming back so fast, you feel like you’re wasting your time. Why does this happen? There are many suspects to this heinous crime, but a common cause is leaky air ducts. It’s a more common problem than...

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Should You Turn Off Your AC When You Go to Work?

No, not in South Alabama. But if you want to save money and keep your house comfortable, you should turn your thermostat up. Allow us to explain. Why you shouldn’t turn your AC off Turning off your AC on a hot Mobile Alabama day could lead to indoor...

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Best Ways to Childproof Your HVAC Registers

Small children seem to have a way of being everywhere at once. You’ve probably discovered all kinds of things down your register vents – toys, food, paper, keys – things that mysteriously show up despite constant vigilance. If you have a little one, then...

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Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Many people make an investment in a HVAC system, yet fail to maintain proper upkeep. An HVAC system is similar to that of a car – it needs the proper care and maintenance to function properly. A properly functioning HVAC system is one that will...

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